Finding A Natural Cure For Bleeding Gums

The plaque that develops in the gums as a result of the negligence shown towards cleaning the teeth regularly and properly after meals lead to the development of tartar in the gums this tartar develops from the accumulated plaque and is the prime cause of bleeding gums and loss of teeth. Finding a natural cure for bleeding gums is the best way to constrain the progress of the tartar and eventually helps to reverse receding gum line naturally.

The swelling basically occurs as a result of the plaque accumulation in the gums and further leads to the intensive bleeding in the gums. When the plaque is not cleaned on a regular basis, which means if the person is not having the habit of brushing regularly after taking meals, the plaque gets accumulated with the starch present in the foods along with the saliva and bacteria, further, leads to the development of inflammation.

The receding gum take place as a result of the plaque and tartar that coats the teeth, gums, supporting tissue and the bone surrounding the teeth. Read more about how to reverse receding gum naturally. Swollen gums result into bleeding when the affected individual brushes his or her teeth.

This is due to the fact that the gums get swollen as a result of the plaque or tartar deposit deep within and when the individual applies pressure at the time of brushing the tender skin tears and blood appears. Bleeding gums are the usual symptom that shows the individual is suffering from a gum disease and requires a cure for receding gums.

Gum Problems

Gum problems or gum diseases result from a lot of things, which basically arises from the negligence that is shown in cleaning the teeth. As human beings we have a varied food habits that results in affecting the teeth in many ways. Among these the prominent one is the bleeding gums problem and finding cure for bleeding gums is the prime thing that every individual suffering from tooth and gum problem seeks.

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In this case the individual, who is suffering from such, suffers intense bleeding from his or her gums at the time of brushing or flossing. This occurs as a result of the swelling in the gums due to the accumulation of plaque and tartar. When a food is consumed, the sticky elements in the food basically starch sticks to the teeth. Over time this starch attracts bacteria and bacteria along with saliva leads to the development of plaque in the mouth. Plaque generally occurs if proper care is not taken and teeth is not brushed or flossed properly every time after meals. Without regular brushing or flossing it is certain that the individual in due course of time will have plaque developing in his or her teeth. This plaque is the prime trouble maker in the gums and teeth.

Symptoms Of Gum Disease

There are a few symptoms that will help the individuals to deduce whether they are suffering from gingivitis or gum problems.

  • The basic symptoms obviously the swollen and red gums that show the individual’s gums are infected.
  • Individuals may experience chronic bad breath coming out from them, as a result of the infection present in the gums.
  • The gums tend to wan at the time of such an infection. This also results in the loss of teeth as due to the inflammation the space between teeth and gums tend to increase.
  • Based on the intensity of the infection the individuals will experience a varied intense in the bleeding of their gums.

Above stated are some of the common symptoms that show the individual is suffering from gum problems. The gum inflammation problem can be cured and reverse receding gums without surgery by natural means and the natural cure for bleeding gums is as follows:

The Natural Cure For Bleeding Gums

  • Boil for 5 minutes 20 g of bramble leaves in 1 liter of water. Let stand 10 minutes and strain carefully. Make with this infusion several rinses a day.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 1/2 of coconut oil to form a cream. Apply, as toothpaste, 2 times a week. This remedy is considered a good anti-inflammatory and antibacterial that contributes to combat gingivitis.
  • Vitamin C is already known to be against preventing the deficiency disease scurvy, which is associated with the swelling of gums and bleeding. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and continually repairs the wear and tear in the connectivity tissues. Along with Vitamin C, recent researches have shown that vitamin D is equally capable of curing the gum inflammation. Consumption of these essential vitamins in abundant quantity will help to reduce the gum inflammation and bleeding.
  • Reverse receding gums line with natural mouthwash. Make rinses with clay water, adding a tablespoon of sea salt per glass of water. The rinses will be done after the teeth have been washed.
  • Boil for 5 minutes, 2 tablespoons leaves of be-tony in a cup of water. Cover and let stand. Gargle with this preparation several times a day.
  • Tea is known to have antibiotic element present in it, which in case of the infection in the gums is really helpful. The oil from tea tree is known to be effective in the treatment of bleeding and swollen gums. However, this oil is not helpful in reducing the pain, but when suffering from the chronic swelling in the gums one can certainly use this as gums inflammation cure.

Cranberry is also helpful, as it fights against the bacteria and prevents them from reacting with the saliva and starch present in the mouth. When the mouth is protected from the effects of bacteria, chances of getting gum diseases are slim in those cases. Other source to find the natural remedies cure periodontal diseases naturally:

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How to reverse receding gums naturally

When many times folks are trying the best to continue to keep their teeth in terrific shape through regularly brushing and flossing and a normal checkup, there are a number of problems that there is going to not be any way to avoid no matter how diligent a man or woman may be. In addition, if you believe that your tooth is longer than usual or there’s an incision close to the gums, then it’s time that you ought to seek advice from your dentist. Basically, the tooth loses a few of its support. Nobody will ever know that we’ve got a replacement tooth.

Can gum recession be reversed?

In regards to the actions to prevent receding gums then make certain you brush and floss your teeth regularly two times every day. Gums suffer when someone is bulimic. Actually, bleeding gums after flossing isn’t a great sign. The gum should be able additionally to withstand the surgeries that have to place the dental implants. For those who have discovered that you’ve receding gums, then there are a lot of methods you are going to be in a position to turn to.

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How to reverse receding gums naturally?

The best method to stop gum disease and the odds of heart disease is to learn the right way to maintain oral health. Gum diseases can easily be neglected, since the patient normally isn’t conscious of the severe side effects brought out by these bacterial toxins. Gum disease The gum disease may cause gum recession. There are many common gum diseases like periodontal disease and gingivitis.

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How to reverse receding gums without surgery?

In case the recession gets worse, the main surface is going to be exposed. Gum recession may be caused by many things. While it is a common dental problem, it is one that you do not want to ignore. It is considered a normal part of the aging process. Over a period of time, it can give rise to several complications, as already mentioned in this article.

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How To Reverse Receding Gums Without Surgery?

Just like many other topics, there are a lot of theories on the best way to handle receding gums and gingivitis. Some people swear by home remedies while others are always on the quest for the latest scientific breakthrough. To make matters more confusing, dentists and other dental professionals often have conflicting opinions as well. That can leave a person unsure of the best course of action to protect their gums and teeth. In our current social structure, most people rely on mainstream products for pretty much everything.

Can receding gums be reversed naturally? Most of us have gotten away from the natural, safe ingredients that are everywhere instead focusing on lab created ingredients that are often more harmful than beneficial. Toothpaste is one consumer item that no longer bears any resemblance to the natural product it once was.


Of course, brushing your teeth is one of the most beneficial things you can do to prevent gum disease and gingivitis. But for argument sake, take a look at a few of the ingredients that are probably in your current toothpaste. The odds are good all natural dental product is going to start looking pretty good.

  • Hydrated silica
  • Sodium saccharin
  • Titanium dioxide

If you can pronounce those ingredients: congratulations. Most of us can’t and don’t even know what those words mean. It’s disturbing to put a substance into our mouths and, to some degree, ingest without understanding what it is. Starting with hydrated silica, this substance is a compound found in quartz and sand. It is used in toothpaste as an abrasive. Now, for a second, imagine what sand would do the enamel of your teeth. A gentle alternative sounds great for battling gum disease and gingivitis now isn’t it?

Moving on to sodium saccharin, it is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an artificial sweetener. We can all feel fortunate that it isn’t sugar. That would be really bad for the teeth. By simply switching to a dental product that contains natural, essential oils, like peppermint, the need for any sweetener is eliminated, and you get to avoid one more unhealthy compound entering your body.


Finally, on our short list, we have titanium dioxide. This ingredient is used as a teeth whitener in many commercial types of toothpaste. That doesn’t sound bad until you find out that it is also used for the same purpose in paint, inks, and cosmetics. It doesn’t sound harmless now. Avoiding these chemical ingredients while you fight receding gums, gum disease and gingivitis is easy.

Simply choose Nature’s Smile – an all natural dental product. You won’t find any gum disease information that claims those unnatural ingredients are beneficial.