Some Remedies For Sciatica And Back Pain Relief

Most women experience Sciatica or back pain during pregnancy due to maternal weight gain. It may be aggravated due to prolonged standing, wrong sitting posture, forward ending, walking and lifting or any sudden jerk distorting the spine structure. The each radiates through thigh and butt and becomes severe at night.


Medical diagnosis and physiotherapy differ from individual to individual, and it ranges from surgical to non-surgical therapies. Heat therapy and cold compression work like a wonder to heal back spasms and upper back pain relief respectively. Muscle relaxants, and inflammatory drugs etc. can be used strictly for professional medication to get immediate upper back pain relief. Surgery is regarded as the last resort and is normally recommended in cases where all other treatment options have been tried out and failed or in a situation of an emergency.

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Beside medical advice, back pain can relief easily just by correcting standing, sleeping or sitting posture, healthy lifestyle, an easy to go fitness regimen comprising physical exercises, yoga, and meditation to keep stress at bay. A massage therapy, from some experienced hand, provides a very effective but short-term relief; however, acupressure point massage is more beneficial than the classical one.

Besides medication and pain relief massage or exercises, one can opt for some very easy and dandy lifestyle, schedule to achieve a long-term or permanent upper back pain relief.

  • First of all, change the mattress – discard the old sagging mattress and get a new firmer one.
  • Shedding a few extra kilos from the body, especially if the sufferer is a woman will do half of the war won.
  • Food intake should be calorie specific. High sodium content drink and food like ginger, celery leaf is very good to heal back pain as it has alkalizing properties.
  • Do not remain hunched over the computer or desk day long. Stand up, elevate to legs and arms, and walk to get upper back pain relief.

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However, the most important is to relax as stress and anxiety trigger frequent upper back pain. So keep stress away. Enjoy leisure. Take a hot bath. Read a book. Do some free hand exercises. Do different things to alleviate stress.

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